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Inflatable lazer tag arena, Laser tag, inflatable spaceship lazer invader, laser tag game.



For kids teens and adults. The lazer tag Includes 12 guns and is played with 6-8 people inside. And the lazer tag is available for rent in northern california and the bay area.


Below is a video of the inside of the lazer tag.



In our lazer tag players battle the forces of evil (or your boss!) in a High-Fi, Sci-Fi adventure of fast paced, adrenalin filled action. Each warrior is equipped with a hand held laser tag gun and target vest to do battle through a maze of barriers and obstacles. Let us turn your location into a futuristic battle field filled with heart pounding music, lasers, fog and luminescent decor for an unforgettable competitive experience. Call for all the exciting details!





Lazer Tag


Incredibly Popular, Incredibly Profitable. Designed for the teen and young adult market. Our lazer tag features: Two concentric circular mazes inside, one at each end which can serve as team bases, target areas etc; a central "attack field" between the 2 home bases with lots and lots of inflated "hide behind" walls, panels, tubes and doors; endless corridors, passage ways and ambush corners. 25' x 50' x 7' tall,


Price includes 4 hours rental, delivery, set up/take down & staff to operate ride. Minimum orders or travel charges may apply. For booking and specific pricing information contact us: online